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Cash Management Solutions

Cash and liquidity management are essential components to ensure successful treasury operations and a strong balance sheet. Our suite of cash management products is designed to optimize and manage your cash flow efficiently and keep your money working for you.
Internet Banking
BankLink™ is the portal to your bank information and online transaction processing needs. This flexible system enables you to select the following individual modules based on your specific reporting and transaction processing requirements:
Automate your funds transfer for greater efficiency, and improve fraud prevention with ACH services.
  • ACH Direct Send allows you to send prepared online files to the ACH network for payroll, taxes and accounts payable activity.
  • ACH Debit Block improves your fraud prevention controls by allowing you to approve or reject incoming ACH items presented against your accounts.
Account Reconcilement Plans
  • Simplify check reconcilement and improve account efficiency with account reconcilement plans, which allow for complete check reconciliation, images and reporting.
  • Positive Pay provides an added safeguard against fraudulent check payments by comparing each check presented for payment against your check issue file.
Controlled Disbursement Services
  • Provides early and accurate funding information on checks being presented today that will post to your disbursement account at day’s end.
Lockbox Services (Wholesale, Retail, Property Management, Healthcare)
Remote Deposit Services
  • This saves you real time by reducing trips to the bank. Remote deposit streamlines and accelerates check deposit processing by allowing you to make deposits directly from your office.
  • Click here for an online Remote Deposit demo.
BankLink™ Wire Transfer Service
  • Represents the most expedient method for making real-time domestic or international wire transactions.
  • Transactions can be executed in US dollars or foreign exchange currencies.
  • We offer multiple delivery channels to securely initiate an immediate transfer through our automated wire transfer settlement system.
Zero Balance Account
  • Enables you to maintain multiple accounts that consolidate daily transactions at the sub account level into a master account. 

Card Solutions
  • Merchant Card Processing allows for innovative sales and accounts payable options, as well as next-day funding when deposited to a Sun National Bank business checking account.
  • Commercial card services provide the spend controls and purchasing power you need to make daily business transactions, both for procurement as well as T&E expenses.
Thought Leadership
Contact Us
Contact our Cash Management team to learn more about treasury solutions at 866-786-5990, or complete the contact form below. 

NACHA Operating Rules Supplement #1-2012 Effective March 15, 2013
NACHA Operating Rules Supplement #2-2012 Effective September 20, 2013

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